About Us

Skill is fine, and genius is splendid, but the right contacts are more valuable than either.

- Sir Archibald Mclndoe



Our company was founded in July 2005 to provide a specialist saw and tool sharpening service to the woodworking, engineering, fabrication, mould and pattern making and DIY industries in the Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Crewe and Nantwich areas.

Our services have expanded, due to the support of our much valued customers, to include the supply of: 

  • Industrial t.c.t. Circular saw blades, wood, metal and plastic cutting. 
  • Bandsaw blades, jigsaw blades
  • Abrasives - Full range - Portable, narrow and wide belts, Paper rolls, cutting, grinding and sanding discs
  • Drill Bits
  • Planer Blades
  • Freud Router Tooling
  • Titman Router Tooling
  • Hingemark - perfect hinge marker
  • Holesaws
  • High Speed Steel saw blades
  • Spindle moulder tooling
  • Swedex Saw Blades
  • Whitehill Tooling
  • Adhesives, Mitre Fix, PVA, P.U., Silicone, Saves Nails
  • Aerosols,screws,cleaning products etc.
  • Velcro Tapes
  • Dust Masks, Eye and Ear Protectors
  • Maintenance Products
  • Hand and Power Tools

Manufactured Products By:

Titman Tooling, CMT Tooling, Morse  Industrial Bandsaws, Adhesives & Sealants. 

We are constantly looking to provide quality products at a competitive price.  

Our range of professional salon shears and hand finished tweezers are made to a very high standard and our competitive pricing structure gives extremely good value.

Bandsaws Blades




We offer a wide range of Carbon Flex and Bi-metal Industrial Bandsaw Blades, varying in width and tooth format, for cutting all types of material.

  • Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blades
  • Wood Cutting Bandsaw Blades
  • Aluminium Cutting Bandsaw Blades
  • Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades


Self-Fusing Rescue Tape




The ultimate multi-purpose Repair Tape For:

Boats, cars, trucks, caravans/campers, aircraft, agricultural industry, plumbing, general industry and military.

Watch the video at www.rescuetape.com

Self fusing, Pressure resistant up to 8 Bar, Permanent seal, Resists 260° C, Waterproof – Airtight, Insulates 8,000volts, Can be applied under water.